UltraEdit jest edytorem (mogącym zastąpić systemowy notatnik). Program rozpoznaje składnię popularnych języków programowania, posiada wbudowanego klienta FTP oraz umożliwia dostęp do wybranych portali takich jak MSDN, Wikipedia czy Google.

W nowej wersji zmiany:

* Major performance advancements
o 2x faster startup time *
o 2x faster file load time
* Expanded Code Folding Options
o New graphical fold lines
o Configurable/color enabled matched brace highlighting
* New interactive replace in files
o Incremental step through each matched directory/file
o Accept or ignore file, folder, or all
* Project-specific macro autoload
* New scroll wheel zooming (CTRL + mouse wheel): increase/decrease font size on the fly…
* Write/debug scripts faster with new variable dump (var_dump) function
* FTP Account sharing between UltraEdit/UEStudio/UltraCompare: set and forget FTP account information
* Sort faster and easier: sort keys now auto-populate from column mode selection
* XHTML/HTML 5 support in tag list and wordfiles
* Plus extended maintenance/performance improvements on core features
o Enhanced Unicode Support: improved handling of file names/paths with Unicode characters
o Numerous Macro/Scripting enhancements
o Numerous display improvements
o Enhanced File Open/File Save
o Win 7 compatibility improvements
o Improved Spell Check functionality including better handling of accents and mixed case
o Several File Tree View updates
o Faster and more efficient function list when switching between files
o Improvements for working with FTP/SFTP files via user tools or command line
o Improved German localization support: several cosmetic/localization enhancements

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