Lavasoft Personal Firewall

Ukazał się nowy produkt firmy Lavasoft znanej z doskonałego programu Ad-awere Lavasoft Personal Firewall o numerze 1.0.543.5722. Jest to pierwsza odsłona i patrząc na jego możliwości rokuje mu to jak najlepiej

– You know what’s happening on your PC at all times
– You’re protected by automatic, intelligent protection against hacker attacks
– Attack Detection automatically blocks network probes, zombie attacks, and other remote attempts to access your PC.
– You control how applications communicate.
– Component Control, Hidden Process Control, and Process Memory Control let you decide what applications and processes on your PC are allowed to do and what – if any – outbound connections they may make.
– You understand the threats.
– The Log Viewer lets you review the history of your Internet connections, including sites blocked, attacks repelled, and more than a dozen other security categories that keep you protected, helping you to optimize your protection.

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